Dr. Kathryn M. Hajj, MD, PC
Specializing in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Dr. Kathryn M. Hajj, MD, PC

Dr. Kathryn M. Hajj is a physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation. At her Lincoln, Nebraska-based medical practice, Dr. Hajj helps her patients to achieve optimal physical health and well-being by giving them the treatments that they need for their ailments. She practices physical and geriatric medicine and gives her patients the care and the attention that they deserve in order to recover and improve in their conditions. She has amassed a wealth of experience throughout a career that has spanned over 23 years, and she is available to see patients and help them meet their comprehensive health needs.


Dr. Hajj is available to provide patient education and support them through their rehabilitative processes. She is focused on their health care needs and on helping them to achieve full recuperation, as she provides for them services that relieve pain and restore quintessential physical and mental function. She treats patients suffering from an array of ailments, which include back pain, muscle pains, and pain after surgery.


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Dr. Kathryn M. Hajj, MD, PC
Physical & Geriatric Medicine
Lancaster County, Nebraska
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